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Very good!

Although you are way off with the cultural part in this I'd like to applaud you for making a beautifully crafted animation.
I could see the bat siblings star as the main characters in a game. There is a very nice foundation for this opportunity and I am convinced that if your talent meets a programmer there would be great possibility for a successful execution.

I'd like to wish you luck with any future projects, whether or not you have had a chance to consider my thoughts.

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Concept above quality, indeed. And the quality did not interfere with the concept more than it gave it a rough, stylish look that seemed more fitting than anything could.
On another note, just for yourself, go and look up the word synesthesia on wikipedia. You may find yourself being one of the few lucky people who has it.

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I know t's just an animation but if you actually considered making a full movie for this I'd be grateful!

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good work!

haven't got so much fun whit a game on NG in long time... this was great!


pretty cool but i see theres still faults...
good job at all ^^


hey anders det er da for ordinært sjovt men ordinært bare så du ved det!

very cool movie/game at all ^^

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I guessed I had to give a review back since that would only be fair for your nice and helping words.
I love this piece. Even though it's made to be sad, i feel that... happiness, you know, a peaceful moment.
You're very creative and this, this is a particular one of it's kind. I love these instruments as well, i just can't master them well since I learn by myself and by ear.
You're lucky to have a dad who composes music.

You know what? You're one of those people I'm truly going to admire because they can bring peace for me through music.

5'd for sure! Let this be a platinum track!

quickshot-x responds:

Creativity is the key in music, you shouldn't make something just because it's the style, or popular kind of music. You should make it purely-out of your own heart, and mind. My father only taught me the basics of musical theory. I learned the rest of the way practicing. You also asked for my email, well PersianLead@Yahoo.com, and yes you may add me in Instant Messenger. :) Thankyou for your review.

oh yea...

talking about memories.... I love the mario games and this soundtrack is one of them i ike most of all mario soundtracks.
Btw good work with the remix!

What the!?

Why is it there's no comments?! This is a great piece! :D

PERVOK responds:

Ah, thank you!
This review actually means a lot to me...it means that tehre are people who see a good piece of music and not jst download it, but review it as well!

Thank you sir!

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